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MCA Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration
Las Vegas Driving Event Open Track:

The Track: The Outside Road Course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a 2.4-mile, 14 turn road course and is
very technical in nature. However, we want everyone who registers to have a fun, safe and educational
experience. Thus, the driving school and in-car instructors services are highly recommended, especially for
drivers with no or limited previous road course experience. You are free to drive and learn at your own pace,
however, we do reserve the right to move you into a group that is “more your speed” with regards to the other
participating drivers and their experience level.

Driver Classification
Classifications will be determined by the Driving Event Staff based upon the information you provide with your
registration (please be honest), and are subject to change at our sole discretion.

General Track Rules – The Spirit of the Event
**This is NOT a racing event**The goal for the on-track driving event during the Mustang 50th Birthday
Celebration at Las Vegas is for all Mustang owners/drivers to be able to enjoy driving their cars in fun, safe and
regulated performance driving event. No previous experience is necessary to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity and classroom sessions and in-car driving instructors are available and highly recommended for
Beginner and Novice level drivers. Aggressive on-track driving behavior and “racing-type” actions will NOT be
tolerated. Drivers not abiding to the “spirit of the event” rules and at the discretion of at least two members of
the event staff, will be asked to forfeit their driving privileges with NO refund. Convertible owners: please see
note below.
**This is NOT a racing event**

CONVERTIBLES: ALL convertibles must have at least a 4-point bolt or weld-in roll bar and be driven on
track with the top up. Style or light bars do NOT qualify as roll bars. Driver/passenger harnesses are highly
recommended. Convertibles without roll bars will only be allowed on track during controlled-speed “Touring
Group” sessions (three per day).

REQUIRED Driver Clothing:Long or short sleeve shirts and long pants of natural fibers are required, as are
closed-toed shoes. SFI or FIA certified suits and Nomex gloves, shoes and socks are recommended.

Passengers: ONLY Event Staff Driving Instructors will be allowed to take passengers for rides during at-speed
driving sessions. Passengers will be allowed in ALL registered participant vehicles during the lunchtime
“Touring Session” (pace car controlled, low-speed laps – NO PASSING)

Weather: Be advised: this event will be conducted rain or shine, so plan accordingly.

Car Windows: While on track, cars MUST be driven with both the driver and passenger windows fully open.

Drivers Meeting:
Mandatory daily drivers meetings will be held before the first morning run sessions – roll call WILL be taken.
The “Rules of the Event” will be explained. General event guidelines and controls will be discussed. Track
layout, passing zones and passing signals will be explained. We will be taking roll call. Any driver who fails to
attend these meetings will not be allowed to run. Period. Not attending the driver's meeting = not driving on
track. Did we mention we WILL be taking roll call?

Track Guys Performance Driving Events will be conducting the event and providing classroom sessions and incar
instructors for Beginner- and Novice-level drivers

Run Groups and Required Safety Equipment

Run Group
T (Touring)
1 (Beginner)
2 (Novice)
3 (Intermediate)
4 (Advanced)
3-5 previous performance driving events/schools
6-11 previous performance driving events/schools
12+ previous performance driving events/schools and/or competition license
Safety Equipment Required
Lap+Shoulder belt, vehicle pass tech inspection
Lap+Shoulder belt, SA05 or SA10 helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, vehicle MUST pass pre- and at-event tech inspection
Lap+Shoulder belt, SA05 or SA10 helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, vehicle MUST pass pre- and at-event tech inspection
Lap+Shoulder belt, SA05 or SA10 helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, vehicle MUST pass pre- and at-event tech inspection
Lap+Shoulder belt, SA05 or SA10 helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, vehicle MUST pass pre- and at-event tech inspection (driver's suit, shoes & gloves highly recommended)
Passing Rules
No Passing
Controlled passing zones w/point-bys
Controlled passing zones w/point-bys
Controlled passing zones w/point-bys
Controlled passing zones w/point-bys
Driving Instruction
Highly Recommended
Highly Recommended

Insurance requirements have placed certain rules on passing for ALL run groups and track sessions. Passing will ONLY be allowed in approved passing areas and with a point-by from the car being passed. No point-by = no pass. No passing in braking zones or in the turns. Repeated passing zone infractions will result in your on-track driving privileges being revoked with NO REFUNDS. Drivers will receive more information at the mandatory drivers’ meetings.

Flags and Driver Responsibilities::
Flags are used to inform drivers as to the current condition of the track and actions of
all drivers. Please acknowledge (wave) at all flags being presented by course workers.

Yellow Flag
Caution on the track, no passing, reduce speed, be prepared to take evasive maneuvers, car 100% under control.
Black Flag
Individual drivers may be black flagged for various on-track rules infractions. Driver MUST return to the pit road for consultation/instructions. Multiple black flags/driving infractions will result in driver disqualification.
Blue Flag w/Yellow Stripe
Faster traffic approaching, check mirrors and give point-by (passing indication) at next available passing zone.
Yellow Flag w/Red Stripes
Caution, be advised: debris (gravel, fluid, instructor lunch, etc) on the track surface.
Red Flag
Session has been stopped for an emergency. Bring your car to a prompt, controlled and safe stop near edge of the track, leaving room for emergency vehicles to safely pass. Stop within sight of a corner worker station if at all possible.
White Flag
Slower moving vehicle on the track with you (driver or track service vehicle)
Checkered Flag
End of session, cool-down lap, NO PASSING! Continue at reduced speed to pit lane and paddock/pit area. Keep your helmet and belts fastened until you are in the paddock area.

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